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Restaurant Facility Maintenance and Commercial Renovations, specializing in Cabinet work, Caseworking, Furniture assembly and replacements, Framing, Drywall prepping and painting, Flooring, Millwork, Trim work and many more items pertaining tо interior work as needed per client base.

We are currently working on projects for Starbucks, Panera Bread, Chikfila, On The Border, various government jobs. We are also members of RFMA (restaurant facilities management association) and excited tо Ье а раrt, and working with this organization to support and be the best we can for our clients!

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C&D Experts was founded on the principle of completing our work for our cliente to the best of our abilities. Providing them with timely and quality work.

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Providing professional construction services since 2015

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Nikolay Difort

The Executive Managing Partner within C&D Experts

Controlling the workforce and team members together with Alex Zubkov by scheduling and overseeing all aspects of company operation, also working with the our teams from day to day Administrative and Client relations. With the experience he brings to C&D Experts both Nikolay and Alex have dedicated themselves to moving the company to greater heights together.

At C&D Experts LLC its always a team effort! Teamwork and dedication turn into great communication at personal and corporate levels. Keeping all these in mind we can move our company with great strides to meet our team goals together!

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